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# GeneID Genome_map Description
1 NCBI_GNO_308114 scaffold_11:1034677-1038486 Endothelial PAS domain-containing protein 1,Hypoxi...
2 DappuDraft_194123 scaffold_11:1034047-1036526 --
3 DappuDraft_13455 scaffold_332:37385-39262 --
4 DappuDraft_110743 scaffold_77:439525-440911 --
5 DappuDraft_59022 scaffold_77:440900-443299 --
6 NCBI_GNO_202413 scaffold_49:625400-629042 Hypoxia associated factor
7 NCBI_GNO_238074 scaffold_7:806710-809345 Angiotensin-converting enzyme, testis-specific iso...
8 NCBI_GNO_61014 scaffold_332:37248-44243 Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha
9 DappuDraft_231704 scaffold_118:328832-329696 Uncharacterized protein. induced by hypoxia
10 DappuDraft_231437 scaffold_76:560793-561745 Uncharacterized protein. induced by hypoxia
11 NCBI_GNO_36573 scaffold_81:132683-134694 Egl nine homolog 1,HPH-2,Prolyl hydroxylase domain...
12 NCBI_GNO_160884 scaffold_197:176153-177844 CG7643-PA,LD04521p
13 NCBI_GNO_240074 scaffold_7:809342-813186 Angiotensin-converting enzyme, testis-specific iso...
14 NCBI_GNO_189154 scaffold_734:31099-32606 CG7643-PA,LD04521p
15 NCBI_GNO_424524 scaffold_72:481515-485032 Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 prec...
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