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# GeneID Genome_map Description
1 NCBI_GNO_694144 scaffold_14:1640224-1643438 Metal-response element-binding transcription facto...
2 NCBI_GNO_338693 scaffold_115:356203-358681 Solute carrier family 39 (Metal ion transporter), ...
3 NCBI_GNO_66763 scaffold_138:75740-78134 Nervous system adducin
4 NCBI_GNO_122703 scaffold_118:203213-204454 Putative uncharacterized protein
5 NCBI_GNO_52203 scaffold_20:324056-325864 AK001373_like protein
6 NCBI_GNO_650144 scaffold_14:1542235-1545423 Peroxinectin
7 NCBI_GNO_420154 scaffold_15:1207385-1211152 Oxidase/peroxidase
8 NCBI_GNO_328244 scaffold_24:894769-900967 Peroxidasin
9 NCBI_GNO_170204 scaffold_20:242013-246496 Oxidase/peroxidase
10 NCBI_GNO_262714 scaffold_121:367488-369408 Putative uncharacterized protein
11 NCBI_GNO_1062024 scaffold_2:3430498-3434071 Oxidase/peroxidase
12 NCBI_GNO_172204 scaffold_20:253266-258502 Oxidase/peroxidase
13 NCBI_GNO_76354 scaffold_37:253045-257086 Oxidase/peroxidase
14 DappuDraft_308656 scaffold_83:263146-264594 Predicted metal-binding protein
15 NCBI_GNO_66354 scaffold_37:214890-218749 Oxidase/peroxidase
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