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# GeneID Genome_map Description
1 DappuDraft_204955 scaffold_1:62188-75177 Predicted haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (ey...
2 DappuDraft_260357 scaffold_137:76400-96507 von Willebrand factor and related coagulation prot...
3 DappuDraft_333432 scaffold_236:33176-41073 von Willebrand factor and related coagulation prot...
4 NCBI_GNO_356744 scaffold_133:234158-239621 CG5772-PA
5 NCBI_GNO_904023 scaffold_2:1463093-1465860 GH21853p,CG31605-PG, isoform G
6 NCBI_GNO_1466023 scaffold_2:2517345-2526696 GH19182p,CG6416-PF, isoform F
7 NCBI_GNO_208033 scaffold_3:429893-433878 Coatomer protein complex subunit beta 2
8 NCBI_GNO_216044 scaffold_4:89133-104289 GA14922-PA
9 NCBI_GNO_488044 scaffold_4:1027859-1043381 Carbonic anhydrase-related protein 10,CA-RP X,CARP...
10 NCBI_GNO_628374 scaffold_42:984408-995265 Semaphorin
11 NCBI_GNO_582053 scaffold_5:1087416-1090864 CG2221-PA,LD40707p
12 NCBI_GNO_550054 scaffold_5:1606191-1620371 MKIAA0697 protein
13 NCBI_GNO_264584 scaffold_84:373440-402316 GA14409-PA
14 NCBI_GNO_100094 scaffold_9:49899-55223 RH24480p,CG33205-PI, isoform I
15 NCBI_GNO_706094 scaffold_9:1880704-1887242 Attractin
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