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Query: daphgenexml-+Description:eye +Expression:"fish predation" -Expression.type:normal No. matches = 5 of 59414 documents, in 0.033 sec.
# GeneID Genome_map Description
1 NCBI_GNO_570364 scaffold_40:732744-734341 Compound eye opsin BCRH2
2 NCBI_GNO_238404 scaffold_47:938824-940850 Compound eye opsin BCRH1
3 NCBI_GNO_566364 scaffold_40:721885-724091 Compound eye opsin BCRH2
4 NCBI_GNO_568364 scaffold_40:728027-729621 Compound eye opsin BCRH2
5 NCBI_GNO_776363 scaffold_40:737374-739474 Compound eye opsin BCRH1
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