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EvidentialGene : Bemisia tabaci, white fly

  1. Bemisia tabaci Genome map
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mRNA Transcript assemblies for white fly
organism=Bemisia tabaci

version 1 (2012 dec) and version 2 (2013 jun) and version 3 (2016 dec)
Don Gilbert, gilbertd near indiana edu

2016 update (vers 3), adding RNA-seq samples to prior whitefly evg sets
Comparisons to recent genome-modeled whitefly genes and trinity-only RNA-assembly are provided
Gbrowse genome map of gene sets, and BLAST protein search added

2013 update using same RNA-seq set, new assemblies and Evigene methods

2012 first version of Bemisia gene assembly with Evigene methods

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department