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EvidentialGene : Evidence Directed Gene Construction for Eukaryotes

2016 Dec.: Evigene Pine tree genes surpass genome models, Trinity/Illumina and PacBio genes for ortho-completeness
2016 Sep.: Evigene draft gene set for Zea mays corn plant
2016 Mar.: Evigene draft gene sets for two Anopheles and Aedes mosquito
2015 July: Evigene gene-ome set for Atlantic Killifish
2015 Mar.: Evigene gene-ome set for Daphnia magna
2014 : EvidentialGene sets are Best of clade in gene set completeness for Arthropods, Plants and Fishes . 2015-Mar update.
2014 : Evigene gene-ome sets for Honey Bee, Deer Tick, and Tribolium Beetle are publicly available.
2014 : Evigene sets for Cacao and Killifish are Best of clade for gene set completeness (size, orthology) for plants and fishes.

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Folder evigene/ contains this software, about/ describes this work, in posters and documents. Evigene software archives, best way to fetch, are in /EvidentialGene/other/evigene_old/. The other folders contain gene-ome sets of animals and plants, constructed with EvidentialGene software. Some of these are chromosome-free, others are mixed chromosome-guided and mRNA-assembled.

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2016: EvidentialGene Explained at Galaxy & GMOD conference, 2016 June

EvidentialGene mRNA Transcript Assembly Software

2013: Gene-omes built from mRNA-seq not genome DNA

Independent comparison of EvidentialGene_trassembly doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091776

2012: Perfect Genes Constructed with Gigabases of RNA

EvidentialGene Animal & Plant Genes Quality Comparison

EvidentialGene : Evidence Directed Gene Construction for Eukaryotes

EvidentialGene comes in two flavors, Evigene-G following the genome-gene modeling paradigm, and Evigene-R following the gene assembly from RNA paradigm (see Evg-G/R workflow figures 1A,1B): Evigene-G algorithm is summarize at Perfect Genes Constructed with Gigabases of RNA . Evigene-R algorithm is summarize at Gene-omes built from mRNA-seq not genome DNA .       Development of Evigene-H hybrid of the two is in progress.

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Evigene-G and Evigene-R Pipelines Workflow Summary
Evigene-G Workflow Details

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department